Click Prompt is one of the 50 most admired Companies of the year 2016.

02 12-2016
Click Prompt is one of the 50 most admired Companies of the year 2016.
According to The Silicon Review Magazine , ClickPrompt is one of the 50 most admired Companies of the year 2016.
1.  ClickPrompt ranks first in customer loyalty taking top honors in:
* Performance satisfaction
* Inclination to purchase more licenses
* Bought for features
* Overall competitiveness and product quality
2. ClickPrompt is a single application platform for all your BI needs with demos and proof of concepts that provide a wow factor that astounds prospects and clients giving them insight in a fraction of the time they expect.
3. It is the most rapidly deployable, customizable and comprehensive business analysis package.  It can be deployed within weeks, days and sometimes hours. This results in an unmatched ROI.
4. ClickPrompt was created on the premise that analysis should work the way your brain does.  That’s where its patented and powerful associative technology comes into play.  It shows you information traditional business intelligence solutions cannot.
5. Development cost for ClickPrompt is almost half as compared to traditional BI software, and it delivers five times the value.  The initial investment can be only one eighth of other traditional BI software.
6. User training takes seconds.  It’s very similar to a program most end users already know – Excel.
7. ClickPrompt doesn’t use cubes. It lets users access all the data they’ll ever need and ask the questions they want answered.  It holds all the data in memory allowing it to create associatively which is not supported by other tools.
8. You don’t need to call IT every time you want a new report.  Once a solution is deployed, users are in total control of the information they want and how they want it.
9. Project  success rate is 99%  vs. 28 % project success rate of OLAP based tools.
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